W riting Lists – I find that writing 'must do' lists is very calming, even when some of the 'must do' stuff is a challenge. I'm very proud to say that this morning I vacuumed up all the pet hair at my place. It will return of course but at this point in time I can walk around inside without causing a snow storm. Having ticked off one thing from the 'Household' list, I quickly moved on to the 'Writing' list. This required a lot of thought and two large coffees. No actual words written down yet but am conjuring up a 100 word story for the 52 Week Flash Fiction Group. I do love a prompt word.

R eading P G Wodehouse Much Obliged Jeeves. I adore these books and they always make me laugh. I'm also reading The Stick Book by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks. This is a delightful book for children about all the magical, creative things they can make with sticks. I love it!

I didn't actually have 'lunch with Nigella'  but I did attend the first Dymocks' lunch in Sydney last week at the Four Seasons Hotel. As always, I met some lovely people and the special guests, Nigella Lawson talking with Annabel Crabb, were delightful.

T his week a writer friend introduced me to a wonderful 'Vinnies' at North Wollongong where the books are brilliantly displayed as some of the staff members are retired librarians. Needless to say I came home with some treasures.

E nergy levels of furries at my place very low due to heat and humidity. George, the English bulldog isn't impressed, pug sleeping most of the time (which reduces pet hair mess considerably) and cats very lethargic – except in the middle of the night of course.

R esearch is probably my favourite part of being a writer and even when the research doesn't result in a brilliant story it's such a learning experience. For example: I learned that The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat. You may very well know this but I didn't.