• Small Wonders

    Small Wonders: Huge thank you to Ginninderra Press for publishing my poetry pamphlet, 'Small Wonders', a  poetry collection celebrating creatures cute and quirky.

  • Poetry for the Planet

    Poetry for the Planet: Showcases the work of ninety-seven poets from Australia and New Zealand, edited by Julia Kaylock and Denise O'Hagan. My poem, Bowerbird Blues is on page 88 of this 'anthology of imagined futures'.

  • Cicada Sing Song

    Cicada Sing Song: ‘The cicadas are above ground at last. This will be the loudest sing song ever. Who knew that cicadas could rap?’

  • The Cat Thief

    The Cat Thief: Olive would love to own a pet cat but her plan to steal one doesn’t seem to be working. Olive has another idea. Will she finally find the cat of her dreams? A humorous picture book for young children up to eight years. The book includes some intertextuality which will amuse adults reading the book out loud. Cheeky, fun illustrations encapsulate Olive’s unfortunate efforts as a cat thief.

  • Gargoyle's Garden

    Gargoyle's Garden: Gargoyles come in all shapes and forms. They live at the top of olds buildings. They have a spout in their mouth which takes the rainwater away from the sides of the buildings so they don't get damaged. But this gargoyle is bored. He wants to find a friendly garden to live in. One night, the moon beams down on Gargoyle.

  • Splash Slither Squawk

    Splash Slither Squawk: ‘Delighted to have some poems in this anthology’.

  • George

    George: Join George and his family on a crazy chase through the town. Will they catch this cheeky bulldog?

  • Little spiral

    Little Spiral: He may be small but he loves exploring. 
    Join Little Spiral on his journey through the rainforest.
    Stay safe Little Spiral.

  • Ziggy's Zoo

    Ziggy's Zoo: Ziggy's creating her very own zoo.
    She wants to find ten exhibits.
    What will they be?
    Who will they be?
    In the garden in the sun is where she finds exhibit one.
    Can you spot the hidden numbers and the little green beetle on every page?

  • 52 Twisted Tales

    52 Twisted Tales - A Flash Fiction Collection

  • 50 Funny Poems

    50 Funny Poems for Children, from Thynks Publishing is very special for me as I won their competition and subsequently the book cover was designed around my poem, ‘Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop.’

  • Alphabet Soup 2011

    Alphabet Soup Magazine Spring 2011 includes my poem ‘Trim.’ (Thank you Rebecca Newman)

  • Alphabet Soup 2013

    Alphabet Soup Magazine Autumn 2013 includes my poem ‘Frog Pie.’ (Yes, they existed!)

  • Bards at Blidworth

    My poem ‘The Visit’ is included in this 2014 Anthology from Thynks Publications (This poem also appeared in the 2013 anthology Short and Twisted from Celapene Press)

  • Blast Off - Mar 2015

    (March 2015) - and it was a blast to have a poem published in School Magazine. ‘Mrs. Chippy’  is all about the cat who sailed with Ernest Shackleton.

  • Blast Off - Nov 2019

    (November 2019) - My poem ‘Sally's Secret’.

  • Hopscotch

    I was delighted to have a poem called ‘Lunchtime’ included in this collection of short stories and poetry for children from Jelli-Beanz Publishing.

  • The Looking Glass

    The Looking Glass, a magazine published by a lovely team of people from Dublin University, included my poem, ‘Zoe’s Zoo’ in their May 2015 edition.

  • Lucky Draw

    Lucky Draw published by Prints Charming Books and edited by Sally Odgers is a collection of 50 stories by 33 authors. My story ‘Teach Me to Dance’, set during World War 2, is included.

  • Poem on a Postcard

    Pop a Poem on a Postcard, an anthology of poems from Thynks Publications, includes my poem ‘Creepy Stuff’

  • Short and Twisted 2012

    Short and Twisted 2012 published by Celapene Press includes my short story ‘Snapdragon.’ This story also appears in the lovely Dee White’s e-book ‘Heat’ anthology.

  • Short and Twisted 2013

    Short and Twisted 2013: My poem 'The Visit' on page 42.

  • Short and Twisted 2015

    Short and Twisted 2015 includes my flash fiction 100 worder ‘Precious.’

  • Short and Twisted 2017

    Short and Twisted 2017: My 100 worder 'Reckless' on page 109. I've always been obsessed with towers. I suppose Freud would have something to say about that. I love them; the Tower of London, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, even Centre Point Tower. Then there are the wonderful stories where a tower is of great significance; Rapunzel for example. I shouldn't have done it. It was foolish, reckless and dangerous. But for once I wanted to live on the edge. So I had to do it you see. I just marched into the supermarket, produced my trusty umbrella and knocked down the tower of baked bean cans.

  • Ball of the Future

    The Ball of the Future, stories long and short from Earlyworks Press includes 2 of my flash fiction 100 worders, ‘The Garden’ and ‘The Gamble.’

  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After from Forward Press includes my poem ‘Trim’ (yes, another cat poem)

  • Countdown Mar 2016

    Countdown March 2016 (The School Magazine) Hope you enjoy my poem ‘A Goat Afloat.’

  • Lodestone

    Lodestone - A magnetic journey. My story Sarah's Gift appears on page 207.

  • Ssstories

    Ssstories - A Prints Charming Anthology. My story Station Street appears on page 229.

  • Animal Antics 2012

    Animal Antics 2012: My poem 'Trim' on page 186.

  • CKT Story Collection

    The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection: My story 'Mr. Magic' on page 202.

  • Impact

    Impact: Short stories that pack a punch!

  • It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: An anthology of Christmas Tales

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